What is UTAU Sports Day?

  • UTAU Sports Day is the yearly event where UTAU users can register to attend. UTAU users who registered will be randomized into teams.
  • Each team will have 1 leader, 1 joker and members. The activity will be held in 3-5 rounds.
  • Each rounds will be different things to do such as
    round1 = voicebank creating,
    round2 = oto’ing,
    round3 = song cover
  • Goal of UTAU Sports Day?

  • To make participants have fun and meet other users and work together.
  • How long does this event take?

  • Each round will takes about 2 weeks (Except the last round which is probably song cover + PV)
  • This even may be held 3-5 rounds which is up to the participant to decide if they want to continue the event or not. There will be a voting poll in the middle of the event.
  • Because the founder of this event is very flexible. This event will avoid overlapping with the other activities in UTAU communities such as UHP-CB, UTAUVision etc.
  • Price?

  • Not much, the winner team get 15-20 USD (matters with the amount of the participants in the team).

  • Why does the price matter anyway? The goal of this event is to have fun and meet more users from all over the world.
  • What/Who is joker?

  • There will be 1 joker in the team (randomized). The joker will knows how to get the bonus point in each round. If members in a team can guess who is the joker, the team will gain some extra points at the end.

  • But if joker tell the team about who they are, the team will lose all the bonus points.
The team will have to guess by themselves.

  • Previous UTAU Sports Day?

  • Previous UTAU Sports Day was held in UTAU Thailand group.
    There were 15 participants (5 people per group).
    There were 3 groups; Pear Green, Rose Red, Arctic Blue.
    5 rounds were held.
  • They used to be "UTAU Thailand Sports Day", but we're opening global this year.
  • Contact?

    Want to register now?

  • Make sure that you can communicate in English. This event is global.
  • When will we start?

  • The event will be started when atleast 15 people joined.
  • The registration will closed 1-2 day(s) after the last people registered after atleast 15 people joined.

    (meaning that if 16th person registered we will extend 1-2 day(s) more and if 17th person registered, we will extend another 1-2 day(s) more.)
  • The event starts right away after the registration closed.
  • Don’t forget to invite your friends!

    You can freely copy and paste this page anywhere. More participants is more fun!